Top 10 Music Sites & Retailers for June 2017
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Virtual Sheet Music distributes classical sheet music via the Internet, making it easy for professional musicians and music lovers to access what they need Whether you use your voice, a guitar, piano, flute, cello or any other instrument, you will find a vast catalogue of sheet music to choose fr... read more >
Skratch like a pro by enrolling at Qbert Skratch University. They are considered as the most advanced DJ skratch school on the planet as they offer various skratch lessons online both for beginner and professional Djs. These are the lessons that you can enroll for a distance learning education at Q... read more >
ArtistWorks provides online music lessons from world class musicians. Online music schools in 24 distinct genres powered by Video Exchange Learning™. Video Exchange Learning allows online learners to upload a video to their instructor and receive a Response Video of guidance and assignment in ... read more >
There are only a few products that need little or no introduction, one of them is iTunes by Apple.  Any iPod, iPhone, iPad or Mac user will probably say that iTunes simplified the way music and videos are downloaded, sorted, played and even shared.  Upon downloading the free iTunes applic... read more >
Watch & Learn has been producing instructional music products for over 20 years. They are the industry leader in instruction material designed specifically for the beginning musician. They have books, dvds, and cd's for guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, banjo, keyboards, violin and fiddle. Use the ... read more >
Songsterr is an archive of guitar, bass and drum tabs. It is collaboratively built and maintained by fellow music lovers. Anyone with Internet access can contribute new tabs and make changes to existing ones. Much like Wikipedia, contributions cannot damage Songsterr because the software allows easy... read more > is operated and owned by a guitar expert and is aimed at only teaching guitar to students and people worldwide. The owner doesn’t run any company and simply provides video lessons as well sells a few eBooks at reasonable prices. This is useful to persons who wish to learn ho... read more >
The site offers a pack of offline as well as online DVDs that provide step by step video tutorials for people of all genders and age groups who are interested in learning to pay guitar. The site provides only a single package of multiple DVDs for various lessons on guitar handling along with a 177 p... read more >
AudioMicro provides the web's best collection of royalty free music and sound effects at affordable prices. Our contributors are GRAMMY winning composers and Oscar winning sound effects artists and production houses.  An unparallelled dedication to customer service. A friendly and knowledgeabl... read more >
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Asked by Anne Lim 56 months ago in | 3 answers
Last answer by Akira Lindsay 41 months ago: I personally am a musician with 8 years of playing 9 instruments under my belt! When looking for a guitar tutor online, you've got to be careful of gimmicks and teachers that ACTUALLY know what they are doing. Some are just guitarists with no actual knowledge of proper playing looking for a quick bu... read more
Asked by Anne Lim 56 months ago in | 2 answers
Asked by Victoria Howe 48 months ago in | 0 answers
Last answer by Teresa Conti 53 months ago: Take a look here at Amazon.  There are numerous CDs and several books on the subject that will help with your selection.  This include both instrumental and vocals.  Sheet music can also be found here if you need it.  You can even find Disney wedding tunes.  Another good sou... read more
Asked by Albert Kim 55 months ago in | 1 answers
Last answer by Sri Sundari 57 months ago: Hi, you can download from here  (There is software "Sheet Music Editor", you can create it on your own) read more
Asked by Charrie 57 months ago in | 2 answers